Afron RST Industrial


The Afron RST models are designed for industrial applications from 20 feet (6 meters) up to 31 feet (9.5 meters). The RST model towers maintain the simple and rugged characteristics common to all Afron models. Models are available to meet European safety standards.

The Afron RST models’ relatively light weight and floatation tires allow for operation of the machine over soft ground, lawns, sidewalks, etc. making it a more versatile lift then many industrial lifts on the market today. The Afron RST models include a two man operator platform, side to side swing, and a telescopic boom. All these functions are controlled by a single operator on the operators platform.


Afron RST Models
  • RST10 Working Height 30ft (9 meters)
  • RST12 Working Height 36ft (11 meters)
  • Load capacity for all RST models 550 lbs (250 KG)
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