Afron HAS Models


The Afron HAS pruning / picking towers are our heavy duty line of towers designed to address higher reaching agricultural applications. The Afron HAS models are designed for picking, pruning and cultivating of various types of orchards from 20 feet (6 meters) to 31 feet (9.5 meters). The HAS model towers maintain the simple and rugged characteristics common to all Afron models.

The Afron HAS 650 model was specifically designed for the pruning and picking of avocado trees. This model is the only Afron model that incorporates an exposed leveling rod. This was done to provide a very low pivot point allowing the machine to maneuver through tight planted avocado orchards without breaking low hanging branches.

Afron HAS Models

Load capacity for all HAS models is 330 lbs (150 KG)


Working Height: 25ft (7.5 meters)
pdf_smallHAS650 Dimension Drawing


Working Height: 31ft (9.5 meters)
pdf_smallHAS950 Dimension Drawing

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