Afron Date Palm Models


The Afron family of pruning / picking towers include models specifically designed for date palms. Date growers around the world have come to rely on the Afron models to assist with many aspects of date cultivation.

Afron date tree models are designed for date trees from 25 feet (7.5 meters) up to 65 feet (20 meters) in height. All Afron date tree models maintain the simple and rugged design characteristics common to all Afron models.

All Afron date tree models include a “clam shell” type operator platform that is designed to encircle the date tree trunk. This provides full access to the date tree canopy for several workers. Not only can Afron date tree models be used for picking and pruning, but also include optional attachments for spraying and mechanical harvesting through the use of a shaker head. All functions of the tower can be controlled by a single operator on the operators platform.

Afron Date Palm Models

    • Working Height:30ft (9 meters)
    • Load Capacity:660lbs (300 KG)

pdf_smallHAS950ZP Dimension Drawing

    • Working Height:36ft (11 meters)
    • Load Capacity: 660lbs (300 KG)

pdf_smallAF1250P Dimension Drawing

    • Working Height:46ft (14 meters)
    • Load Capacity:1500lbs (700 KG)

pdf_smallAF15 Dimension Drawing

    • Working Height:58ft (17.5 meters)
    • Load Capacity:1500lbs (700 KG)

pdf_smallAF18 Dimension Drawing

    • Working Height:70ft (21.5 meters)
    • Load Capacity:1500lbs (700 KG)

pdf_smallAF20 Dimension Drawing

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