Afron SA Models


The Afron SA pruning / picking towers were designed for pruning and picking of fruit bearing trees from 9 feet (3 meters) up to 25 feet (7.5 meters). The SA model towers are known for there very compact, stable design while maintaining the simple and rugged characteristics common to all Afron models. Models are available to meet European safety standards.

The Afron SA models are used in a variety of agricultural applications. From the SA200 model designed to meet the demand for a compact, versatile man lift to be used in nurseries, to the SA650 model most commonly used for picking and picking avocado orchards.

Afron SA Models

Load capacity for all SA models is 330 lbs (150 KG)


Working Height: 15ft (4.5 meters)
pdf_smallSA200 Dimension Drawing


Working Height: 21ft (6.5 meters)
pdf_smallSA500 Dimension Drawing


Working Height: 25ft (8 meters)
pdf_smallSA650 Dimension Drawing

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