Pruning / Picking Towers

The Afron family of pruning / picking towers, also referred to as “orchard man lifts”, have been manufactured over the past 40 years for various agricultural applications and climatic conditions. Afron towers can be found in many countries throughout the world where fruit bearing trees are grown for production.

The Afron towers are known for their simplicity, low maintenance, rugged construction, long life cycle, economic operation, and safety. Please refer to the “Advantages of the Afron Line of Pruning Towers ” page for further details. All Afron models are designed to be operated by a single operator from the operators platform, allowing full movement even when the machine is at maximum working height.

All Afron towers are designed and manufactured according to the latest safety codes, and some models conform to the European CE standards.

For information on the economical benefits of using the Afron pruning / picking tower, please read the “AFRON or LADDER ?” article.

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