Afron Power Unit


The Afron Power Unit, introduced in the year 2000, was developed to replace the use of tractors as our base power unit. The result was a power unit designed for the specific purpose of propelling our mechanical pruning machines.

The Afron Power Unit provides many advantages:

Increased Stability: The brush guard of the Afron Power Unit is 50mm thick, lowering the center of gravity and providing a much more stable platform.

More Efficient Operation: A hydrostatic transmission reduces maneuvering time in the orchard while the 2-speed transmission provides adequate power in all operating conditions.  

Increased Service Life: Heavy duty front and rear axles, heavy duty rims and tires, self cleaning cooling systems and higher horsepower engines provide a long service life.  

Improved Operator Comfort: Operator cab mounted on rubber, fully enclosed with air conditioning and heating ensure the operator remains comfortable during the day.  

Standardization for customers: Our many customers owning multiple machines use standard replacement parts and components for their fleet reducing the cost of ownership.

Botton line, the Afron Power Unit has made our mechanical pruning machines better and safer to own and operate.

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